Roller Shutter Operator
Shutter Motor
Heavy Duty Type

Model No
Key Features
Brake Type: Disc Brake (Dual)

Reduction Gear Type: Planetary

Loading: 600~1500KG

•Protective Fuse
Protect the operator from incorrect or unstable power source.

•Thermal Auto Cut-Off Switch
Every motor is with the thermal switch, which can cut off the power while the motor coil over-heat and auto-reset while recover at normal temperature to prevent possible damages.

•Disc Brake Design
The reliable and accurate brake system, which can rise up the mechanical ability, ensures the timely stop for door with any kind of loading capacity.

•Planetary Gear Design
Planetary Gear Design is applied in the series which can load more than 600KG operators. This design could divert the stress averagely on every gear, and upgrade the effectiveness of motor output.

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